Florent Lelong is a 27 years old electronic music composer from the outskirts of Paris. Music comes during his childhood, listening a lot of Pink Floyd and Beatles father’s vinyls and following some courses on drums. Then he grabbed a keyboard and started to play classics in an autodidact way. All these experiences naturally led him to electronic music, finding here the opportunity to experiment with sounds.

A passion that turned into a first demo album composed in his student room, “Electro Libre”, shared online and was streamed across many countries. All the basics of Florent’s music are already there: conjugate pop music standards and electronica, break down borders between styles, no lyrics, just the melody.

On stage, Florent break the rules again. Somewhere between a DJ performance and a Rock show, he’s always surrounded by a drummer, a guitar player. From small Parisian pubs to larger stages and festivals, his concerts are always full of positive energy, acclaimed in France and other countries, like in Germany during the Electronic Circus 2013. The same year he’s nominated for the Schallwelle Awards in Best Album Category for Electro Libre. He collaborated also for some films and videogames music.

His new opus is coming for 2017…


Hello World !

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